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NBA builds unbeatable incentives for it’s NFTs collectors The National Basketball League (NBA) was one of the earliest adopters of NFTs as a marketing instrument. In October 2020, they collaborated with Dabber Labs and launched NBA TopShots, a revolutionary game-changer to the world of sports collectibles. Now fans can own their favorite moments from Basketball history in the form of NFT video snippets.

This was only their first step into the NFT universe; in February 2022, NBA has announced the launch of the NBA All-Star VIP Pass NFT Auction. The auction will include 30 unique NFTs one-of-one digital collectibles representing every NBA team that grant each owner a VIP pass for the ultimate fan experience at the next NBA All-Stars. Other perks and benefits for SuperFans will include:

  • Inside access to All-Star planning via a virtual panel with NBA Events before arrival

  • Personalized All-Star itinerary with VIP support

  • An exclusive guest invitation to an NBA reception

  • A behind-the-scenes tour of the host arena with an NBA executive

  • Shootaround with an NBA Legend on the NBA All-Star court

  • A VIP merchandise bag, including an NBA All-Star jersey

This is a fantastic example of how a brand like the NBA is giving its SuperFans ownership of their favorite moments while at the same time is rewarding them with exclusive virtual & real-life experiences.


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