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Boost organic engagement on social media

Give your fans a piece of your heritage, and boost your social media organic outreach McDonald's has joined the NFT movement with a celebratory collection welcoming back its famous McRib with the launch of a limited edition NFTs featuring the iconic sandwich. The only way for SuperFans to attain these was to participate in their promotional campaign.

To participate in the draw, people simply have to follow McDonald's account on Twitter and retweet the invitation post within one week. This was the first test to see how the community on social media platforms would respond and whether NFTs hold a genuine incentive for SuperFans.

The results were outstanding and went far beyond the expectations of the brand. More than 21,000 people rose to the challenge within just a few hours, and nearly 93,000 had done by the end of the campaign!

We are certain this will not be the last NFT project the brand will launch.


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