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SuperFan rewards with a boost of karma

Build an NFTs project and donate the proceedings to a good cause Coca-cola is experimenting with NFTs to advance its sales and create more awareness. The company integrated digital assets with its collaboration with creators of 3D virtual at Tafi.

In addition, it hosted Loot Boxes of NFTs, a special edition of an auction tagged Friendship Box to celebrate International Friendship Day. Through the metaverse, Coca-Cola could reconstruct one of the iconic vending machines of the past. The NFTs came from the inspiration of shared moments of friendship. Coca-Cola successfully tokenized its brand image and launched it to the next generation of customers.

The friendship NFT boxes came loaded with Coca-Cola swag, including a virtual wearable bubble jacket on a DeFi 3D virtual platform Decentraland. There is also a sound visualizer, a friendship card, and the iconic vending machine. When it comes to real life rewards, Coca-Cola decided to reward some select winners, with a custom SMEG Coca-Cola fridge packed with their beverages.

They have also utilized this campaign to give back to a good cause by donating all the proceeds from the project to the Special Olympics International.


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