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Product launch & sales incentive

NFT giveaways to boost sales and connect with the next-gen of premium consumers Acura announced that it will launch its first NFT collection as part of the 2023 Integra car launch. They plan to launch a limited collection with 500 NFTs featuring "surreal textures and colors" representing the Integra model — and an upgraded version upon delivery of their new car. These will be given to the first 500 people to reserve the Integra.

In addition, this will be accompanied by a digital showroom in the Metaverse, becoming the first automaker to do so. The metaverse showroom will be hosted on Decentraland. SuperFans can explore the Integra vehicle's features, play the "Beat That" racing game, and browse a new Integra apparel collection designed by Wannerstedt.

Acura has made a bold step into shifting its brand positioning towards the future market of premium customers. This activation will help the brand connect with its SuperFan community while at the same time securing an entry point in the emerging Web3 infrastructure that is poised to evolve exponentially in the coming years.

The metaverse aspect aligns with young consumer behavior and interest in skipping a visit to the dealership and opting to buy online. Coupled with creating timeless NFT makes the prospect of owning an Acura more enticing. Now you can gain an appreciating asset with your car purchase.


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