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Build your community of apparel designers through NFTs Asic is another brand utilizing NFTs to launch its products, specifically the Sunrise Red collection. They have released 189 individual NFTs comprising various editions of nine digital versions of ASICS shoes. Each NFT will be sold via auction in a limited edition of 20, bolstered by a special gold edition.

Winning bidders receive the NFTs, digital textures, and 3D models of their prize, and if they snagged a gold edition, they'd also receive a complimentary future ASICS NFT. While this is beyond amazing, this is not the heart of this campaign; what's really cool is that they are donating all the proceedings for the newly launched ASICS Digital Goods Artist-In-Residence Program, a platform for new and established digital artists to envision ASICS' ongoing NFT drops.

Who knows, they might even take this a step further and utilize these conceptual shoes as a springboard to create imaginative real-world sneakers and hopefully give a cut to the creative minds behind them. This is a great example where a brand can reward its SuperFans and fund the community's future, creating a sustainable method to grow the brand equity digitally and in real life.


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