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Shifting a brand positioning

Connect with the next-gen of premium consumers and reinvent your brand at the same time DKNY is one of the most notable brands that have emerged from the big apple. Historically, they positioned themselves as luxury fashion retailers targeting middle-aged men & women. However, today they are looking to reinvent themselves and capture the attention of Millennials & Gen-Z, so what's more edgy than NFTs?

So what did they do? They revamped the brand with a spanking new logo released as an NFT. DKNY successfully made their brand shift towards a more Bold, Expressive, and Open position in the luxury fashion market.

The new logo attempts to showcase DKNY's connection to New York. It will represent a mural on Houston Street and portray the vibrant idea of "the City that never sleeps," especially attractive for young and ambitious individuals.

The fact that they have chosen NFT as a medium of their marketing campaign further connects the brand with the digitally native generation and highlights to customers that the brand is keeping up with trends. DKNY's courage to push the boundaries of an NFT can show us how important it is to be among the pioneers in this exciting new space.


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