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#02 - Sharon Sciammas: Web3, the metaverse, culture & consumer generated brands.

Welcome to another episode of Zero-Code, from our very own #Web3 Academy. This podcast aims to put the spotlight on the most outstanding innovators and builders in the space. To foster an environment for discovery, engagement, and learning. Discover the latest technological trends from Web3 to the metaverse to Artificial Intelligence and beyond. We will interview builders, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, hackers, lawyers, and everything in between.

Episode #02 - Teaser

In this episode, we are talking to a cultural giant in the Web3 space, Sharon Sciammas. He started his career as a data engineer, working with some of the world's most innovative tech firms from Israel, the USA, and Europe. He is more than a technical engineer. He has also explored social engineering in both the worlds of liberal and creative arts. He is obsessed with the art form of storytelling to build robust human communities that revolve around a brand, whether it's commercial or personal.

As a matter of fact, this is how we got to know Sharon. We met in the Crypto Packaged Goods community. A virtual and physical community of Web3 builders and innovators. From that, we stumbled upon the collective W3B Lab Amsterdam that Sharon founded. They just started last year, and they already have a robust 1,000-member community across four countries in Europe, Madrid, Lisbon, Amsterdam, and Berlin, and they are expanding at lightspeed. W3b Lab is centered around giving back to the community. It's where you can meet other Web3 builders, creatives, investors, and blockchain networks and hold exciting and engaging hackathons and IRL events. In a nutshell, it's a community of the most forward-thinking and ambitious minds in the space. I encourage you to get in touch and join the community.

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