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Revolutionizing Consumer-Generated Brands in the Web3 Era: A CPG Deep Dive

Hello Zero-Coders!

I hope you're ready for a journey into the future because that's exactly what we experienced in our latest session at the Crypto Packaged Goods Club (CPG) accelerator program. 🔮

Sanad Karkar, CEO & Founder of Zero-Code, hosted the session guiding the discussion into uncharted territory – the world of consumer-generated brands in the age of Web3. Joined by Chris Ebeling, the Creative Chief Officer at Behaviol, a revolutionary gaming company that's often referred to as the "Fortnite of cricket," and he's also the Co-Founder of Zed.Run, one of the hottest Web3 games on the Polygon Labs blockchain.

Together, we embarked on a journey through the evolution of Web3 projects, from the heady days of 2021-2022 to the exciting trends that are set to define 2023-2024. 🚀

But here's where it gets truly fascinating. We dove deep into the concept of consumer-generated brands leveraging Web3 technology to supercharge innovation, all the way from product development to marketing and communications. And let us tell you, the possibilities are nothing short of revolutionary.

Web3 has changed the game. It's no longer just about blockchain and cryptocurrencies; it's about reshaping entire industries and empowering creators and consumers like never before. We explored how these changes are revolutionizing the way brands are built, marketed, and experienced.

Our session left us with a profound sense of excitement for the future, and we can't wait to share more about the incredible opportunities Web3 is opening up for all of us.

Stay tuned for further insights, and let's keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of Web3. Together, we're defining the future.

Download the deck here:

Empowering the Consumer Era_ Web3's Role in Consumer-Generated Brands and Gaming
Download PDF • 15.14MB


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