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Episode #05 Duke Vu Exploring the Intersection of Gaming, Blockchain & Entrepreneurship

We are thrilled to have Duke Vu as our guest on this episode of Zero-Code Academy, hosted by our CEO & Founder Sanad O.Karkar

Duke is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO with a wealth of experience in the technology industry. He is the Founder and CEO of, a company that is helping to revolutionize the gaming industry by creating new opportunities for developers and players alike.

Duke's entrepreneurial journey began with his first venture,, an online marketplace for up-and-coming brands. He then went on to found Risen, a software development company of 40 people with a focus on Python/React. After selling Risen to Netguru, Duke continued to push the boundaries of innovation with his latest venture, is a company that helps game developers set up their own storefronts or marketplaces that are also embeddable in-game, creating new opportunities for developers and players alike. Duke's passion for innovation and collaboration led him to found iMeshup, a 3D collaboration tool for game studios. This platform enables game developers to work together more effectively and efficiently, ultimately helping to create better games for players around the world.

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Throughout his career, Duke has held various roles in international corporations such as PwC and American Express. He also served as Chief Commercial Officer at Pragmatic Coders, a blockchain and DeFi development company. With his extensive experience in the technology industry and his innovative approach to entrepreneurship, Duke Vu is a thought leader in the gaming industry and beyond.

Join us in this episode of Zero-Code Academy as Duke shares his insights and expertise on the latest trends and challenges in the gaming industry, the importance of entrepreneurship in driving innovation, and how blockchain technology is shaping the future of commerce in gaming. Don't miss this fascinating conversation with one of the brightest minds in tech entrepreneurship today.


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