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Zero-Code & Knowdyn to democratize investing in scientific research funding via Web3.0

Basic research funding is in a global crisis. Without swift and efficient corrective initiatives, the primary innovation silo of the global $2.2 trillion R&D market could soon enter a recession. DeScience.Fund is the world's first tokenized investment platform for basic research in natural and human sciences. The platform will be built through a collaboration between Knowdyn and Zero-Code.

"We are very excited to co-develop this incredible use-case. This shows that we have only scratched the surface of how NFTs & Web3.0 can be transformative for society at large," said Sanad Karkar, the founder and CEO of Zero-Code, an Estonian startup building the ultimate NFT launchpad for creators & brands.

The real value that DeScience brings to the scientific community is access to private investors with a vested interest in advancing scientific discovery at large or in specified subject-matter area(s). "Ph.D. Students and postdocs come up with brilliant new concepts and designs every day. In many fields, they just need something like $50k to validate their innovation. A typical basic research grant application can take 4-9 months, from ideation to approval. For young researchers, this is a long time, and many either shift their focus or consume the innovation in publication. DeScience can reduce this fundraising time to 4-9 days. We want to bring new science from the lab to market 30 times faster." added Khalid Saqr, Knowdyn's founder and the lead scientist behind DeScience Fund.

DeScience is expected to harvest billions in basic research funding through 2027. The platform will offer an intuitive user experience, fine-tuned for academics, and give private investors regulated web3 tools to invest in evolutionary early-stage intellectual property rights and their subsequent business maturation.

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