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Zero-Code Planet

Unlock the Power of Web3 with Zero-Code: Empowering Creators, Brands, and Creative Agencies

We will help you build your Web3 projects from A-Z without having to write a single line of code!

Transform Your Ideas into Web3 Reality

Discover the power of Zero-Code to turn your creative visions into reality. Our platform empowers you to build and launch Web3 projects without coding, unlocking limitless possibilities for innovation and engagement. Start building today!

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Introducing Zero-Code Alpha: Empower Your Web3 Innovations

Unlock the power of Web3 technology without coding skills. Seamlessly deploy smart contracts, create decentralized interactions, and revolutionize your projects with Zero-Code's intuitive and user-friendly interface. Join our Alpha program now and explore the limitless possibilities of Web3 innovation.

Web3 enable your 
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Zero-Code drag-and-drop
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Zero-Code Link
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Simply drag & drop to build your Web3 campaign landing page

Seamlessly embed a mint button for your collection.

Token-gate specific pages for members only.

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Zero-Code Smart-Contract Builder
Customize & Deploy
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Zero-Code non-fungible-token
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Zero-Code VIP
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Zero-Code Network

Deploy NFTs on ETH, Polygon or Binance blockchain.

Educational & actionable user-journey.


Manage members & whitelist privileges

Embed mint button into any Website.

Token Gate &
Deploy Utilities
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Zero-Code plug-and-play
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Zero-Code security
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Zero-Code API

Plug & Play utilities to engage and delight members.

Token gated perks & rewards

Embed community hub into any website.

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Zero-Code Token Gating

Unleash Your Web3 Potential with Zero-Code: Build, Launch, and Scale Without Coding

Unlock the power of Web3 without coding. Zero-Code is the ultimate launchpad for your innovative projects. Seamlessly integrate Web3 tools, deploy smart contracts, and build engaging experiences. Join us today and bring your vision to life. Sign up now and get early access!

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