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Zero-Code & Dobby Protocol Partner up to enable the next generation of NFT monetization

From trading to leasing NFTs and creating passive income. Zero-Code partner's up with Dobby Protocol to introduce the first no-code smart-contract builder that enables creators and brands to deploy NFTs with the Dobby extension. This extension allows for your ERC721 tokens to be leased and therefore opens up a new source of revenue.

Traditionally NFTs are traded, the basic process of buying and selling, but they cannot be leased. It's like having a house you are only allowed to live in or sell. With Dobby Protocol we can change that; these NFTs can be rented out on the Dobby NFT Marketplace. Additionally, since this extension is on the blockchain, any marketplace that adopts this protocol will be able to offer the service of leasing NFTs.

This is a game changer for many industries looking to adopt NFT technology. For example, in the gaming industry, this can be used to rent out bought assets you are not using, or in the Metaverse space, you can rent out your digital wearables. This will add value for NFT creators and users; they finally generate a passive income on their holdings that goes beyond staking.

About Zero-Code

Building an NFT project can be complicated, but it does not have to be. Zero-Code brings you the latest and greatest insights and strategies to launch your Web3 projects and scale them. It is more than just a SaaS launchpad; it also offers a bespoke solution for your project ambitions through product and strategy development.

With the first step in the journey, Zero-Code will help you turn your idea into a feasible #roadmap that delivers both your strategic and technical needs while creating the incentive structure to keep your community wanting more. If your brand is ready to embrace the power of #web3communities, then Zero-Code will take care of all your strategic & technical pains.

Interested in partnering with us, don't hesitate to reach out.

The Zero-Code team is always open to working with other projects in the Web3 space. If we share a common interest or have a mutual goal to expand the Web3 #ecosystem and create actual value from the power of decentralized systems. Please feel free to contact us via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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