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OnChain Builders Launches First Soul BoundToken (SBT) Community on NEAR powered by Zero-Code

Stockholm, Sweden - OnChain Builders, a community platform for Web3 entrepreneurs, investors and technology providers, is proud to announce the launch of their first SoulBound Token (SBT) community on the NEAR protocol. The community is completely token-gated, with admins whitelisting selected members after they fill out an application form on the website. Selected members are then enabled to claim their silver pass to the community, which is a soul bound token that gives them access to the network, offers from partners, and support in fundraising. The more active the members are, the higher their ranking and privileges in the community. Members can graduate to gold status - to be part of OnChain’s DAO; and to diamond status - onboarded as an OnChain admin alongside many other perks.

Zero-Code has powered all Web3 functionalities on OnChain Builders, from automated airdrops, whitelisting, soul bound token creation, and tokengating, making it a unique and user-friendly platform.

Furthermore, OnChain is delighted to announce its partnership with the NEAR Foundation. The support of the NEAR Foundation will accelerate OnChain's product roadmap, help host founder-focused events, gain access to the Foundation's resources, and further build out OnChain's flourishing ecosystem of top-tier founders.

"We believe that when you bring together and connect the best people within a domain, you create the conditions essential for greatness," said Tristan Tusa, OnChain Builders founder and Head of Social & Events. "Our experience in building, investing, and supporting early-stage businesses has taught us that the biggest value-add at the early stage comes through relationships."

OnChain Builders' foundational principle for the community is that "founders helping founders" is the most effective mechanism for supporting entrepreneurs. Unlike accelerators or incubators, OnChain provides everything free of charge. Talent is the only prerequisite for entry. The community will focus on three types of relationships:

  1. Investors: Leveraging an extensive investor network, OnChain Builders aims to get projects that deserve funding funded.

  2. Partnerships: By partnering with other organizations and protocols, OnChain Builders aims to create mutually beneficial synergies.

  3. Founder-to-founder network: OnChain Builders will curate effective founder-to-founder relationships, allowing members to get problems solved quickly, share concerns, and emotionally support each other.

Members of the community will receive access to a personal fundraising mentor, a personal partnerships mentor, a platform, and a true community experience. Additionally, they will have access to some of the best and brightest builders in Web3 to share ideas and troubleshoot.

"We are excited to launch this community and empower Web3 builders to build legendary organizations," said Jack Suprrier, OnChain Builders founder and Head of Product. "We look forward to building the future with our members."

👇 Check out the platform in action 👇


About Zero-Code: Zero-Code is a no-code platform that enables businesses to create and launch custom decentralized applications without the need for any coding or technical expertise.

About NEAR Protocol: NEAR Protocol is a decentralized application platform that allows developers to build fast, scalable, and low-cost blockchain applications.

About OnChain Builders: OnChain Builders is a blockchain venture studio. The company partners with entrepreneurs and provides them with funding, technical expertise, and a network of industry connections to help them launch successful projects.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Sanad Karkar, Zero-Code


Jack Spurrier

OnChain Builders

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