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Burberry X Blankos

Burberry Partners With Mythical Games To Launch NFTs In Blankos Block Party Game

These days, it looks like everyone is talking about digital ownership- and for good reasons! In a world where we are constantly glued to our screens, it only makes sense that we want to own the things we interact with daily. From the photos we post on social media to the songs we stream on Spotify, digital ownership unlocks so many things. And with the advent of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible.

For example, Burberry has now revealed that it would be working with Mythical Games again to launch a brand-new NFT collection in the game Blankos Block Party. To celebrate the partnership, Burberry has designed a particular social area inside the game that allows players to gather and share in an unforgettable digital adventure together.

Burberry’s Partnership With Mythical Games

Burberry and Mythical Games have announced a partnership to introduce an NFT collection into their major, Blankos Block Party. It is a groundbreaking collaboration that will change the face of virtual ownership in video games. With the digital vinyl toys called Blankos stored on a blockchain, participants of the innovative multiplayer party game Blankos Block Party have irrefutable evidence of confirmed ownership and authenticity.

The Sharky B Burberry Blanko is a limited-edition, low-production-run non-fungible token (NFT) available for purchase, upgrading, and resale on the Blankos Block Party platform. It features the label’s latest TB Summer Monogram, inspired by the label’s Animal Kingdom brand code. In addition, this line includes a jetpack, pool shoes and armbands that can be equipped for any Blanko in the game and has the Burberry brand. The uniqueness and scarcity of Sharky B are guaranteed by the fact that it can be taught to master several abilities, including agility and speed.

Burberry’s partnership with Mythical Games indicates the company’s commitment to creativity and innovation by going above and beyond to strengthen relationships with its communities during a time when consumers are constantly redefining communal spaces and how they engage with brands.

Introducing The Burberry X Blanko Minny B NFT

This one-of-a-kind Burberry Blanko NFT is shaped like a unicorn called Minny B, and it’s covered with the brand’s signature TB Summer Monogram and named after the Animal Kingdom house code.

Minny B is a friendly, sweet, and funny retelling of the mythological creature that fuses art and imagination to generate a feeling of boundless possibilities. The magical aspect of Minny B is heightened with the character’s trademark spiralled horn and a pair of white wings, and the Blanko is free to fly to new locations.

How NFTs Solves Problems For Burberry

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) bridge virtual scarcity and the metaverse, allowing users to build digital products with lasting value that imitate actual luxury goods. NFT technology’s main strength lies in its ability to confirm the originality and be resold. Burberry, the original designer, will get a royalty whenever it is sold.

This year’s anticipated global income from video games is $180 billion, most coming from in-game purchases. Serving NFTs in a gaming context also allows them to reach a generation that places a high value on digital possessions.

Getting young people interested is essential. The most crucial feature is that you don’t have to train gamers to put a value on digital items. They are already native to the concept and as a result they will form the greater bulk of the early majority adoption.

What Utility Does The Project Offer For Collectors?

Players may expand their virtual accessory collection with new Burberry-branded NFT items, including TB sliders, boomboxes, a lucky horseshoe necklace, and a ‘Shellphone,’ a sea shell-inspired smartphone attachment. In addition, users of Blankos Block Party that already have Burberry’s premiere NFT avatar, Sharky B, will get a bonus Monogram bucket hat outfit when available in the preceding weeks.

Burberry has designed a one-of-a-kind virtual hangout spot for its gamers to socialize and have fun called “The Oasis,” and it’s modelled like a cabana resort. Burberry’s previous TB Summer Monogram hotspot takeovers in Saint-Tropez, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Ibiza inspired the resort’s assortment of beaches, which feature branded boats and sun loungers.

As part of Burberry’s B Series, a rotating lineup of exclusive releases across the brand’s digital properties, the novel Burberry Blanko and accompanying accoutrements will be accessible to the public.

Bottom Line

Burberry’s target demographic consists of affluent people that like gaming as a hobby. When you think about it, the monogram is a rather classic symbol, so playing around with it can be fascinating. In addition, it offers a lot of leeway for levity. The concept of NFTs, as well as innovation in general, has sparked a great deal of interest at Burberry, and all of these factors are now being taken into account as the company formulates new plans.

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