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#03 - Chris Ebeling - Future of Play: Gaming, Play-to-Earn, NFTs and Web3

I'm thrilled to introduce our latest podcast guest, Chris Ebeling - a world-renowned Animator, Creative Director, Writer, and Digital Artist with extensive experience crafting unique visual experiences for Film, TV, Games, and emerging technologies.

As co-founder and creative director of Virtually Human Studio (VHS), Chris is passionate about exploring the potential of web 3.0 and pushing the boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. His background in games, CG film development, and education inform his innovative work at VHS.

Chris's exceptional leadership and mentoring skills were recognized when he helped build the Animal Logic Academy at the University of Technology, Sydney, inspiring young artists and creators through a first-of-its-kind Masters of Animation and Visualisation program.

Episode #3 Teaser

Join us as we dive deep into Chris's creative process and gain insights into the future of interactive media platforms. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to learn from a true visionary!

Watch the full episode

I hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did, and if you like this content, make sure to subscribe and share it with your network, we can only grow together!


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