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Future proof your brand with Zero-Code

Zero-Code is where creative minds turn their ideas into Web3 products & campaigns

Accelerate your Web3


We take you from idea to market in 5 weeks

Level up your brand with the latest digital marketing trends.

Marketing technology is rapidly evolving, and a lot of brands are struggling to keep up. Boost your innovation adoption with Zero-Code, our 5 week program will take you from idea to launch!

Meet the team & network

Sanad O.Karkar

Chief Executive Officer


Super Power

Brand builder with a laser focus on Web3 strategy.

Sharon Sciammas

Chief Community Officer


Super Power

Data engineer turned social engineer building robust communities

Cüneyt Durukan 

Chief Metaverse Officer


Super Power

Building one of a kind virtual & augmented reality experiences.

Liwaa Audi 

Lead BE Engineer 


Super Power

Show me the data and I will make it dance for you

Ayman Khattar

Chief Technology Officer


Super Power

Machine learning & Deep learning engineer, that hacks Web3

Krishna Bhawanidin
Chief Creative Officer


Super Power

Launched digital products  for Nike, Coca Cola, Disney, and Marvel.

Harris Zoubi

Account Director EMEA


Super Power

Turning creative constructs into technical plans

Balkan Karisman

Experience Marketing Director


Super Power

Real-time audiovisual & AR experiences expert

Jay Makwana 

Web3 Developper


Super Power

I don't just write code, I write history on the blockchain.

Moussa Ball 

Lead FE Engineer 


Super Power

X-Ray vision to details & master of flawless execution

Meet the team

Zero-Code Innovation Accelerator 


Discover brand challenges, assess needs and ideate solutions.   


Together we will tailor a feasibility plan, and map out our development roadmap.


It’s time for rapid execution, to create the minimal viable product. 


We will demo the POC & gather feedback and insights. 


Deliver final product and a detailed report with all insights and findings. 

Accelerators & Innovation Partners

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