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Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren's store on Roblox: How to stay stylish in the Metaverse

Anyone who thinks fashion is a frivolous pursuit has clearly never seen a truly great outfit. A well-put-together design has the power to make you feel confident, stylish, and powerful. Indeed, this $2.5 trillion industry continues to be led by major brands like Ralph Lauren, who understand fashion's unique capacity to empower us all.

Ralph Lauren has been at the forefront of expanding the expressive potential of fashion since launching one of the first brand e-commerce sites over 25 years ago. Its most recent endeavor, offering fully immersive virtual experiences using augmented reality, is more evidence of this trend.

Instead of opening storefronts in huge locations like London, or New York, Ralph Lauren decided to create them in the virtual world of Roblox, which has 47 million daily active users. The fashion brand loaded its virtual shops, available around the clock to anybody with an internet connection, with virtual puffer coats, checkered beanies, and other vintage ski clothing for the winter season for less than $5.

This is yet another example of how the fashion industry is embracing the digital realm, with Ralph Lauren, Nike, Balenciaga, and other fashion houses charging real money for virtual clothing and accessories.

Here is a brief guide to bring you up to speed on the Metaverse and why the major fashion houses are rushing to open up shop there.

What the digital world entails?

The Metaverse is a virtual reality space that people can inhabit and interact with each other. It has the potential to be the internet of the future, providing a more interactive and realistic 3D experience. Your digital self, or "avatar," can go shopping, dine at restaurants, view live performances, and get a makeover in the Metaverse, just as you could in the real world. While the full potential of the Metaverse has yet to be realized, it is apparent that it can significantly alter the way we use the internet to create more organic and life-like experiences.

One of the most exciting aspects of the Metaverse is the role that Web3 tokens both NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and other emerging tokens can play. For example, NFTs are digital assets that are unique and cannot be replicated. This makes them perfect for use in the Metaverse, where we can use them to represent everything from virtual property to in-game items. Thanks to their unique properties, NFTs have the potential to create a new economy within the Metaverse.

It's important to note, that the Metaverse is an ever-changing space, and it is impossible to predict precisely how it will develop in the future.

Ralph Lauren's Winter Escape On Roblox

Ralph Lauren's Winter Escape was designed to provide the ultimate holiday experience where users can enjoy winter activities and discover exclusive Ralph Lauren styles. Ralph Lauren curated the designs from archival and seasonal collections, and the looks featured sport-inspired styles perfect for cold-weather exploration and adventure.

You can choose from Ralph Lauren's iconic lines, including Polo Sport, Stadium, and Snow Beach. The most notable designs include Stadium Jacket, Polo Sports Puffer Jacket, Polo Racing Jacket, and Red Color Shop Sunglasses. Free accessories and edition looks were available each week through the Treasure Hunt. Apart from styling their avatars with limited edition Ralph Lauren designs, users can perform various activities such as Ice skating with friends, browsing The Polo Shops, and even decorating the Holiday Tree.

Why Ralph Lauren is diving into the digital world?

Ralph Lauren's Winter Escape was a huge success. According to Alice Delahunt, the company's chief digital and content officer, Ralph Lauren has gathered 1.5 million unique visitors and sold 145,000 items. This contributed to a 58% quarterly rise in the acquisition of new subscribers, as reported by Vogue Business. The Metaverse is an emerging market with the potential to attract and retain a new generation of tech-savvy consumers. It's a strategy for winning over Gen Z, the "digital natives" who spend considerable time online.

It's also a very attractive new source of income for businesses. Brands already have an extensive library of collections they can draw from and repurpose for the digital environment. Additionally, they get money on subsequent sales as well. They can earn royalties for each item that is resold.

As individuals spend more and more time online, they are also becoming more conscious of the online persona they present to others. This is apparent when you consider that one in five Roblox customers updates their avatars daily. Ralph Lauren is pitching pop collars and sport-inspired dresses to a new generation of digital avatars as the famous fashion label moves into selling digital apparel inside the Metaverse.

Ralph Lauren Ramps Up Metaverse Ambitions with Phygital Fashion Collection in Partnership with Fortnite

As part of its strategy to grow its footprint in the virtual world, Ralph Lauren has also collaborated with the popular video game Fortnite on a virtual clothing line. The fashion label created a line of digital clothing for the game with a reworked logo created especially for the project.

Ralph Lauren's reinvented logo includes the legendary polo player seated on Fortnite's llama emblem. It will appear on digital clothing, such as two "Polo 1991" jumpsuits, and specific physical merchandise, such as sweaters, polo shirts, and other items inspired by digital Fortnite skins.

Digital footwear designed by Ralph Lauren for Fortnite will also be available physically in the coming months. The first phygital drop was made available online on November 2, and the second will be sold in Ralph Lauren shops and made accessible online on December 1. The virtual items cost between 1300 and 1500 Vbux ($10.39 and $11.99), whereas the retail prices for the same garments will be between $59.50 and $188.

Ralph Lauren has now partnered with Bitmoji for a branded virtual wardrobe originally tailored for the avatars, a branded Roblox experience with winter athletic wear looks, and designed avatar outfits for Zepeto. Ralph Lauren has always created dreams, and today the journey into the Metaverse provides a game-changing experience to a new generation of gamers and consumers.


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