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Barbie & Balmain

Barbie & Balmain create an exclusive collection that spans physical & digital worlds

Barbie’s popularity is resurging recently, with a blockbuster release featuring A-List stars, so I thought it might be a good time to revisit a “classic” case and one of the earlier NFT collaborations between Balmain & Barbie back in early 2022. The French label seamlessly transitioned the toymaker into the world of high fashion, connecting both the virtual and real worlds. The two brands debuted their collaborative prêt-à-porter line, Balmain X Barbie, to the public in this collaboration. From denim jackets, shirts, and purses with a Barbie-sized version of the Balmain insignia to knitwear and footwear printed with a brilliant hot pink version of the luxury house’s geometric monogram, there’s something for everyone.

The launch included pink-colored branded clothing and accessories, along with a tiara. The ready-to-wear collection draws inspiration from modern French refinement and vogue and has more than 50 items in a wide range of sizes and colors.

Introducing the Balmain X Barbie collection: a fashionista’s dream come true

The Balmain x Barbie limited edition collection stays true to the house’s signature look while also capturing Barbie’s carefree spirit. This project marks the beginning of a new era in the relationship between playthings and high fashion.

The collaboration includes three one-of-a-kind Barbie x Balmain NFTs sold at auction through Mattel Creations. Each came with a one-of-a-kind doll-sized Barbie x Balmain appearance, bridging the gap between digital and conventional collections. The duo partnered with mintNFT to host a virtual event for the auction of these collectibles.



This trendy avatar is dressed in a striped sweater dress with a shoulder cut out and holding a pink maxi pillow bag with Balmain’s signature monogram and Balmain x Barbie logo.


This avatar stands out dramatically in a short voluminous dress with a maxi bow clothed in pink silk satin.

BALMAIN x BARBIE NFT 3 This Ken avatar looks slick in a white t-shirt with pink topped with a blazer and a long peak collar coat paired with loose pleated trousers. A Balmain Paris cap finishes the stylish look.

Each NFT winner receives a set of miniature Balmain clothes made just for Barbie. On the other hand, the human-sized clothing and accessories were sold online at Balmain and Mattel Creations and in select boutiques across the globe. The capsule collection included more than 50 items that combined the characteristic aesthetics of both companies, Balmain’s refined French elegance and Barbie’s daring American confidence.

As seen in their most recent collections, Balmain’s new French style served as the foundation for this partnership, proving that Balmain draws inspiration from the vibrant, multifaceted beauty of modern-day Paris.

Balmain’s special edition line has patches, tees, and hoodies. Accessories with a fun vibe, like those modeled by Barbie’s packaging or Balmain’s iconic purses, are sure to be hot sellers. The collection also included the Labyrinth pattern by Balmain and French marinière tops. However, Barbie’s many tones of pink were the prominent theme.

Balmain x Barbie Collaboration has a hidden message

Although Mattel, Barbie’s parent company, has previously worked with Gucci on a Hot Wheels NFT, Barbie’s more extensive ties to high fashion kicks the global toy company’s NFT plans into high gear. This collection has a very significant and powerful message because it is genderless. These NFTs feature a diverse group of Barbie characters to drive home the message of acceptance and diversity. It’s okay to break the rules in Barbie’s world. A new universe where Ken may borrow Barbie’s clothing and vice versa. The collection’s goal is to build a society free of stereotypes.

What distinguishes these avatars is that, although being one-of-a-kind and expressing variety, they are dressed head to toe in couture Balmain. The attention to detail is superb.

How NFTs added flair to the collaboration

Barbie and Balmain are writing a new chapter in the history of the toy and fashion industries. Balmain is a fashion company dedicated to joyful innovation, making it the ideal partner for translating Barbie’s iconic emblem into a new rendition of digital art and real clothes.

Balmain is relying on the future of NFTs as a significant consumer interaction tool for high-fashion labels, believing that it will radically transform the fashion industry and have the same effect as when social media or the internet were initially introduced.

Connecting to culture is a key component of Mattel’s Playbook. Barbie is a worldwide recognized symbol in fashion and pop culture, resulting in an intriguing convergence of the brand, art, and collectability. Barbie’s partnership with Balmain taps into the power of inventive heritage, encouraging all fans to enjoy the art, fashion, and culture both brands offer in a new and exciting manner.

The Balmain Thread

Many individuals use NFTs to get access to the web3 and blockchain worlds. Now, you can also use them to enter the world of luxury fashion. Late last year, Balmain collaborated with MINTNFT to create a new NFT-based membership program for the premium fashion label. During Paris Fashion Week 2022, Balmain debuted “The Balmain Thread,” the luxury industry’s first NFT rewards program.

The Balmain Thread is Balmain’s interpretation of MINTNFT’s newest offering, “The Club,” which helps businesses create a membership, loyalty, and reward systems using Web3 technology. Balmain’s initiative will enable owners, known as the “Balmain Army,” to access VIP in-person events, specifically curated home collections, dynamic digital experiences, and community voting power via a series of NFTs. According to Balmain’s management, this development fits with the fashion house’s idea of an unbroken tale, and future NFT releases will chart the fashion house’s progress.

Barbie and Boss Beauties Inspires young women with their NFT Collection

In October, Barbie and the NFT brand Boss Beauties released a new NFT series. The series includes 15,000 tokens symbolizing the 250 occupations Barbie has had since her debut in 1959, encouraging girls that they can be anything.

As part of their joint effort, the brands contributed $250,000. Half of the funds went to the Barbie Dream Gap Project, an ongoing worldwide program that equips young women worldwide with the tools and encouragement they need to pursue their dreams. The remaining $125,000 was donated to the Boss Beauties Foundation, which provides young women with access to mentors and educational opportunities.

Virtual mentoring sessions “inviting females throughout the globe to hear from professionals in a range of fields” were held before the NFT debut. This is Boss Beauties’ second collaboration with Barbie; the two companies previously collaborated to create the Role Models NFT collection for International Women’s Day in March.

Mattel launches NFT marketplace for Barbie

In December 2022, the multinational toy giant formally opened its online marketplace for collectors. The current market is built on the Flow blockchain and doesn’t need consumer cryptocurrency ownership to make purchases.

Businesses with more dedicated followings sometimes run their own marketplaces to maintain complete control over their brands and shield their customers from fraud. This makes it harder for copycats to pose as the brand. Additionally, internal markets let companies create communities that offer members exclusive benefits, but that also can be done through Zero-Code!

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