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#01 - Khalid Saqr, Ph.D: Decentralized Science & Blockchain

We are excited to inaugurate the launch of the Academy #podcast, which aims to demystify the latest technological trends from #web3 & #blockchain to #artificialintelligence We will interview builders, entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalist, hackers, lawyers, and everything in between.

On this first episode, we are thrilled to talk to Dr. Khalid Saqr, Ph.D. the founder of Knowdyn & DeScience.Fund. Khalid is a well-respected scientist and researcher in computational fluid dynamics, with over 70 peer-reviewed papers. His research focused on investigating fluid turbulence and its implications in energy systems, the environment, and, lately, the physiology of human circulation. Khalid is a visiting professor at Tohoku University Japan, a Mentor at Newchip Accelerator, Board member and associate editor of Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering and FLUIDS journal. Reviewer and panel member of Egypt's Science and Technology Development Fund (STDF).

Over the years, his fascination with turbulence, as a natural phenomenon and as a theory of nonlinear dynamics, has matured into a practical and vested interest in scenario planning, cryptography, and decentralization. As a Minskyan, he firmly believes that machine intelligence's true promise can only be fulfilled through augmented intelligence. Human-in-the-Loop, which requires proactive human participation, can be quickly rewarded with valuable digital assets, as proposed through the DeSci movement.

Khalid is heading Bio-CFD (USA) and Knowdyn (UK) with an incredible group of visionaries who are united to bring a better future for science and the world as a whole. I hope you enjoy this podcast, and if you do, please subscribe so we can keep creating great content like this.

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