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The Ultimate Web3 Launchpad

 Zero-Code offers a bespoke platform to launch, manage and scale any Web3 project. Now brands and creatives can deploy their smart contracts into the blockchain, Web3 enable their websites, and deploy plug & play utilities without writing a single line of code.

Here is a little sneak peek of what we have been cooking in the lab! 

Web3 Builder.png


Launch Web3 Campaigns

Turn your camping briefs into stunning Web3-enabled landing pages. Drag & drop to build your site within minutes. Enable minting and token-gating all in one place, we integrate with the world's most intuitive no-code web builders. 


Deploy your NFT Collection

Deploy your NFT collection onto the blockchain using our no-code smart-contract builder—seamless integration with NFT marketplaces and your brand's landing page

Token Gating.png


Token-Gate & Deploy Utilities

Deploy your members only perks and rewards with simple embeds. Seamless plug & play solutions to create utilities such gated live and digital events, voting, airdrops and more. 

Access the Alpha version

But first...

The product is undergoing construction. By logging in, you can enjoy a snapshot of the Alpha. The beta soft release is scheduled to the end of Q1 2023. This demo runs on Goerli, Polygon Mumbai and, Binance Smart Chain Testnet with worthless coins for a production-ready testing experience.


  1. You will need to have a Metamask, Wallet Connect, or a Coinbase wallet installed and connected to your browser to enjoy the Web3 functionalities we offer.

  2. You will also need to have a little bit of Goerli ETH coins (or Polygon Mumbai, or BNB Testnet) in your wallet to mint the NFT. You can faucet free testnet coins here, here or here.

What should I expect from this demo?
You can sign in, and create your account and your project as a brand or an agency. You can then connect your wallet in order to access the Smart-Contract Generator. Once your wallet is connected, creating and deploying a smart-contract becomes very easy; all you need to do is follow the steps. 


Is any help needed?

Remember this is the Alpha version. Having issues and missing some automation isn’t concerning, it’s more about illustrating how Zero-Code functions. Your feedback is valuable, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team if any help is needed. You're also welcome to have a casual chat with us and our very friendly community on Discord.

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